Breathing Life To Barbie In A Movie

                               Being the most popular doll in the world, Barbie was able to reinvent and transform herself since her creation and introduction in 1959. Through the years, Barbie came in different forms and style in order to provide more options for its growing market.

To be able to meet the demands of the times, the creator of Barbie--Mattel, Inc.--continues to produce and design different Barbie possibilities that would extend the potential of the most-selling doll.

Watching Barbie in a Movie

Barbie, the fashion doll, has not only captured the hearts of doll collectors around the world but also the hearts of movie goers regardless of their age and nationality. Being in a film, Barbie is given life by her creators and truly touches the lives of those people who love her.

If you are a Barbie fan or you know somebody who is an avid Barbie fan and you would want to surprise her by giving her a present, try to consider giving some of the movies Barbie was able to participate in over the years.
Most of these Barbie movies are categorized as animated films which are action, adventure, romance and family. In these Barbie movies, Barbie--America's most favorite pint-sized and plastic sweetheart--stars in different interpretations of classic and modern stories.

1. The Nutcracker. This is considered as Barbie's first movie. Launched in 2001, this Barbie movie gives life to the story based on the beloved Tchaikovsky ballet. Here, Barbie breathes life to "Clara," the story's main character and to the "Sugarplum Fairy."

In this timeless Christmas tale, Barbie and her animated co-stars dance beautifully to choreography by the New York City Ballet's Peter Martins and to music by the London Symphony Orchestra. Directed by Owen Hurley, this classic Barbie movie is considered as a timeless piece because it is beautiful and inspirational while promoting extremely life-like CGI animation.

2. Rapunzel. In the tradition of making Barbie movies inspired from classic fairy tales, Barbie is featured in this movie as Rapunzel. The world's most loved doll comes to life in a fully-animated feature film that is based on the story of beloved long-haired princess that has been locked away in a tower.

This Barbie movie is presented in detailed computer graphics that will surely appeal to young and adult audiences. Aside from presenting great computer graphics, this Barbie movie also featured the voices of actresses like Angelica Huston from The Grifters, Kelly Sheridan and pop-singer Samantha Mumba.

3. The Swan Lake. This Barbie movie is said to be one of the most favorite Barbie movies of all time. Here, Barbie puts on her ballet slippers once again to play one of the dance world's most famous heroines, the enchanted princess Odette.

The story tells Barbie and her prince's search for true love. Swan Lake features Barbie in a lead role while featuring the voices of Kelsey Grammer from Frasier and Maggie Wheeler of Friends.

4. The Princess and the Pauper. This is the movie where Barbie appears in her first singing role. Here, Barbie sings for both the princess and the pauper. This Barbie movie retells the story of Mark Twain's original story while giving it an unusual and inspiring twist.

5. Barbie Fairytopia. This story is based on the popular "Fairytopia" line of Barbie dolls. The movie presents Barbie in an enchanting computer-animated adventure that will capture the hearts of many audiences. Follow Barbie in a magical world filled with weird but wonderful creatures.